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michael weaver
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Thank you! Jan, I soaked them overnight in evapo-rust which is an amazing product. I then lightly coated them in a really nasty sewing machine oil. I just put some on a lint free cloth and rolled them through it wearing latex gloves then wiping off the excess. I can’t remember the name of it and I’m at work right now. I also used a metal dental pick to clean the inside of the ends of the punches. It was all a lengthy process that took me about two weeks to do. I think the time put in paid off. William, I can’t imagine using dirty tools to work on watches. I am pretty sure it would defeat the purpose as you know. Also, if anyone plans on doing the same thing I will mail you the label that I already had digitized for replacing the scratched surface of the original faceplate. It cost me quite a bit to have done but I will keep it in the family for free for you all. As long as you are a member of the forum and not going to try and make a buck with it. Thanks, Michael

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