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david pierce
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The SINCERE is a smaller less powerful machine but size is not the entire story. The design of the SINCERE evolved from Turns which were the original watch lathes. If you go to the Otto Frei web page you can see a BERGEON which is of a similar design but is made in Switzerland. When you check out the price of the BERGEON you can appreciate what a bargin the SINCERE lathe is.
Both the TAIG and the SINCERE come with cross slides. The SINCERE is perfect for pocket watch sizes all the way down to ladies watch sizes. A pocket watch pivot is still only .004 inches in diameter an while it may be possible to turn something that small on a TAIG or SHERLINE the job is much easier on the SINCERE. The SINCERE is a watch lathe and everything about the machine is geared up to make small parts out of small pieces of metal with small cuts. The SINCERE is a Geneva style lathe and is not made to take heavy cuts on a large piece of metal. If you wanted to turn a 1/4 inch piece of steel down to 1/8 of an inch the TAIG or a larger machine would be a better choice. The TAIG is very sturdy and can be pushed. If, on the other hand, if you wanted to turn a .004 diameter pivot on a `1/32 diameter shaft the SINCERE is designed to do that task. It is difficult to comprehend how small watch parts are until you start pulling them apart and look at the parts under magnification.

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