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chris mabbott
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@Randy wrote:

I’ve scrubbed the really filthy ones in ones in a glass dish of One-Dip, then run them through my heated ultrasonic.
At times I’ve had to repeat the process to get every last bit

It’s amazing how much “stuff” can get cemented to the movement parts over time.

I know that the oldtimers would mix beeswax and oil to apply around the cases rims to seal pocket watches from moisture.
Maybe some of them went overboard on the amount, and it migrated over time onto the plates, etc…especially if they were exposed to lots of heat ?

Randy I meant to say that I had the same thought, about seals, and as a liquid/paste type will never last and may contaminate, I was thinking about making my own seals, either for the case lids, or for around the dust seals.
There is a product, damned if I can remember the name right now, that we used in industry to make a temporary seal/0-ring in an emergency, it was a black paste that dried gray in color, similar to silicone, but not adhesive, you would squeeze it into a recess, put the lid back on whatever you are sealing, 5 mins later, pull the lid, cut of the access, and you’d have a temporary o ring, kinda like a rubber mold. 💡

I was thinking of doing this to the case lid, it should make a nice flat seal ring formed to the shape. My other idea was to form a simple o-ring..

Just playing 😆

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