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chris mabbott
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Great stuff Ed, I hope this helps you out buddy, motors are nice to work on, especially these little turds 😆 I was hoping for roller bearings on this one because there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction when it runs smooth and quiet with brand new ceramic bearings.. Maybe I’ll convert it??

In the above post I think I mentioned what I used for cleaning, but basically, a soft copper brush, manual, and a brass dremmel brush. I wipe stator and rotor down with alcohol, which evaporates. I use naphtha on a small brush to clean the wiring as it doesn’t melt the varnish, DO NOT use alcohol on the wiring harness.
The brass commutator is more difficult as they are always glazed from the brushes. For this I use the finest grit cloth to remove the debris, then finish it with 5000g, then I buff it with a leather buff stick, all by hand. My Lorch isn’t big enough for this, possibly the Marshall would take it, but this is its motor 😆

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