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Hey Scott, keep your chin up :) Really, just 2-3 weeks ago I was saying the same thing, I was ready to give all my tools away, Arutha (Paul) my good friend said he would be happy to fly over and help me out of my depression by relieving me of my tools. Well, really as good a guy? as he is he did help me out, the advise was simple, take a break he said and let it simmer a bit and do something your looking forward too. NOW, you wont believe this but the source of my frustration was a Waltham 6s 7jewel that was KNOCKING, I thought I did everything to it but when I put it into the case it would amplify the sound and boy was it loud, for sure I lost hair, and a few bumps on my forehead from bangin it on the cement wall. Anyway I had thought the balance pivots were alright and for some reason didnt bother to look at them twice until I exhausted all other possibilities. When I looked at the pivot in the jewels while it was running (stupid me) it was banging around. Not sure if that would solve the issue but it had to be done, I put on a new balance staff and put in a upper and lower jewel. I also noticed the lever was bent so I straightened that out…Knocking was gone!!!!.O.K. as embarrassed as I am right now telling you this, I am certain that from my numbskull mistakes someone will benefit, basically in my expectation of it going smoothly so I could move on to something else I had been wanting to do I overlooked the obvious, in the end it cost me MORE time and money, lesson learned!!! (hopefully) also being simple minded as I am the thinking section of my brain shuts down when I get frustrated and I need the 2×4 attitude adjustment, I am willing to take a few waks from a 2×4 if it straightens me out because I do know that when walking into the shop in the right frame of mind does wonders in accomplishing any task. This is for you, the guy who is getting frustrated, the stories I have heard about great horologist is this….. they went through the frustration too and I would speculate that they still get frustrated once in awhile even if they dont admit it. On the positive side, each struggle we have we learn, no matter what it is. Paul said to me, “if it was easy wouldnt it get boring, would you want to be doing it?” Well, no! Check your roller jewel to make sure it fits properly to the horn or fork slot and is not too long as it could hit the guard finger also that the roller jewel is straight, look at the hairspring throughout its vibration to see if it is hitting anything, check that screws are not protruding and touching anything in the balance area, if you have a strong loupe or microscope inspect it while it is running and look into the jewels seeing the pivots action. Sorry for the long letter, hope this helps, I know it has helped me. let us know what you find Scott and have fun….William

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