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I hope everyone has a great time during this holiday season, thank you to everyone for their participation in a great forum. It has been said before but I will say it again anyway, this is one of the few forums where everyone gets on and helps where they can. We are so fortunate to have some real experts on here and it is certainly becoming noticeable that between us there are not many, if any, questions that go unanswered. Like Bob, I dont want to start naming people but to just one person in particular, David Pearce, when people have an equipment question you jump on it and from what I have seen we are very luck to have someone with your knowledge on board :)
To Bob, thank you for the very kind words, continued help and inspiration. There is never a lot to do in the way of moderation as we have such a great bunch of people up here, I feel like a fraud being called a moderator, all I ever have to do up here is re-size the odd picture and delete duplicate posts :)
I know some of us have had our personal problems this year and the support that I have seen coming from some of the members has been impressive to say the least, so thank you guys, for making this a great place to be, for the help you give and for the questions you ask, because I am still learning from them.
Love and Peace to all,
p.s. William, I have sent you those speedos you wanted for Christmas :)

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