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Hey Bob, hope you are still in one piece figuring youve been sneaking into the kitchen, I just looked on craigslist in my area (just a general search for microscope) and found 2 of those microscopes, $45 and $60, If you want to try and find one you can get them pretty cheap, Bought mine for $25, I am not using mine as I now have the 2 of a different style, I found the amscope great for inspection and oiling, not the best if you want to do something under them with the focal point fairly close, it is beneficial for some applications, I also turned my eyepiece and was able to rig it up over the lathe, I will post some pictures on my shop section of the new ones I got that I can actually work under ect… cost a little more and were used (I had to be patient to find them) but I think they are the cats meow… William

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