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    Hey Alan, if you have a tailstock with a center try chucking up the “straight” end into the headstock as far as it is straight or somewhere along the line to have one end chucked in the lathe true. run the tailstock center up to give a reference as to where the center of the arbor should be, by hand rotate the lathe and it should show you which direction to bend to center. using a light touch, continuing to hand turn the lathe and lightly bending towards center should slowly get you back to straight. If you cannot put the arbor in the lathe or do not have a center tailstock you can use a flat surface or 2 parallel flat surfaces and by rolling your arbor on it look for “humps” or any unevenness and bend accordingly, you can get it pretty close. word of caution is do not bend unless your sure and bend carefully so as not to break. have fun, William