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    @estanek70 wrote:

    I am working on a Kieninger movement from a grandfather clock. The verge is mounted in two bushing shaped jewels. One of the jewels is chipped. Does anyone know where I can get replacement jewels? Secondly, do you replace these jewels the same way you would replace a brass bushing? Thanks for any help.


    That must be a high end clock! I suppose if you can’t find a replacement jewel, either new or from a parts clock, you might have to make one on a lathe. I seem to remember Stpehen Phalow doing that in a video on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with him, he is a brilliant German Watchmaker. He speaks pretty good English, but most of his videos use English subtitles. Here’s a link to his page. Sorry I couldn’t give you the exact video link.


    Good luck!