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Bob Tascione
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Good suggestion Tmac.
You’re right about more targeted forums making searching easier for some. As the forum membership and participation grows we will possibly add new forums over time but I’m very cautious about doing this as having too many forums can cause division between communities (or a disconnect between interests as Paul suggested) often leading to the demise or ‘near death inactivity’ of many start up forums. I added three new forums about 11 months ago and thought I would watch them over a one year period to see how they do. So far they seem to be doing ok but at this point still a little reluctant to add anything new. We’ve received many good new forum suggestions from members over the past couple of years and I want you all to know that we haven’t forgotten them. Still just waiting for the right moment to start adding them.
I too think that the “Tips & Tricks” section would cover the plans idea pretty well for now. If the interest in this subject grows then it could be merged into a new forum dedicated to that topic in the future.

Adios for now and thanks for the suggestion Tmac!

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