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david pierce
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I use a small inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner that I bought from Harbor Freight a few years ago. I tested different solutions such as detergent and water, windex you name it and finally setteled on straight Naptha. I purchase the Naptha from Home Depot by the gallon. When the cleaner has run through its cycle I pull the parts out and place them on a paper towel to air dry. Although I have not noticed any oily residue on the parts I dip the balance assemblies and hairsprings in laquer thinner just to make sure. I do not put the laquer thinner in the ultrasonic cleaner because I do not want to push my luck.
I posted the answer to your time standard question as a new thread (Horology 101) because I thought it might be of more general interest to watch students. Boy was I wrong. The English Beer thread outdrew the number of hits 2 to 1. This shows that watch repair students are twice as interested in beer than horology.

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