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    Hey Steve, good job on setting the pallet jewels, just to make sure, warm the tool with a small piece of shellac to the side to see when it gets hot enough, as soon as the piece to the side starts to melt take the tool away from the flame, as you would have a small flake on top of each jewel to start with the heat will soon transfer to the pallet and melt the shellac over the jewels and onto the fork, you do not want the shellac to overheat. I personally have not used the type of warmer that you have. I assume the gauged levers are to help alignment of the pallet jewels. I would have to read up on it but the entrance and exit pallet locking faces have a particular angle and I am not sure if that would be different for different watches / pocket watches, or not. It also appears that your tool has a screw on the side that can open it up, to me that would change the references on the gauge according to a specific angle, not sure if that makes sense, when I read it I get confused 🙄 , anyway, it also looks like you can use it by setting your gauge levers to lay flat on the impulse face of the jewels, maybe as a reference if you had to adjust??? then again I am just guessing, well, have fun, hope we can get a expert in here to help us out >>> William