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Hey B, yes as you said, @watchthebear wrote:

in answer to your quiz (??)

I am busted 😳 I hope you do not take offense, without knowing you or talking in person I have to find out if your understanding things I am trying to lead up to. as you have said about yourself, @watchthebear wrote:

A decent beating won’t bother me; being radically right-brained, it usually takes force for me to learn anything that requires linear thinking.

BUT me all the more!!!!!!
Most times when I am struggling to figure something out, I usually miss the obvious, that is where I like to start with myself and also with others ;)
not sure what this word means, @watchthebear wrote:

have more room to cogitate

please explain
The trick I think in this situation or any other like you have said @watchthebear wrote:

we dig ourselves out of a hole only to fall into a deeper one

Is to let go of the shovel and leave the ground undisturbed until we KNOW we need to start digging again ;) a cornstock 7 feet tall does not require the seed to be planted 7 feet into the soil, but only 1-2 inches under the surface!!! and NO need to cogitate
As you have also said, @watchthebear wrote:

that’s like watching Tiger Woods hit a golf ball

you only have to remember that Tiger Woods, (who by the way puts his pants on the same way you and I do) has spent many hours of practice to get where he is and frankly if ANYONE spent the time he has could very likely be as competitive as he.
@watchthebear wrote:

I have tried and tried, and so on, and I have not been able to install the ballance assembly in such a way as to get the jewel inside the pallet fork

Keep on keepin on and you WILL get it, William

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