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Bob Tascione

    Hi B,
    I’ll post the info that you put on your other topic here so others reading will know the make of your watch.
    Copied from topic “Winding Stem” at

    Hi all, here is what i can add: the watch is a Moeris, the movement is un-numbered

    From the picture it looks like the hairspring stud is a standard round brass cylinder that fits into the balance cock. The hairspring would most likely be pinned into the stud. As Peter said, it may still be in the balance cock. If the spring isn’t broken then it’s possible that it just became unpinned. If the stud is missing then there should be a round or possibly “D” shaped hole in the balance cock.

    This is something that you can do but I would suggest waiting awhile until you’re comfortable with your dexterity by practicing with normal dis-assembly, assembly and basic repairs. The hairspring being the most fragile part of the watch shouldn’t really be worked with until you reach that comfort level.

    For the mean time though check to see if you still have the stud in the balance cock or floating around in the movement somewhere and set it aside (or put it back into the cock for safe keeping) until you’re ready to tackle the job.

    Hope this helps B,