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Bob Tascione

    Hey Paul,
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    Hi Bill,
    I think the grease I used in the videos was Mobius because that’s pretty much all I ever use for watches. I don’t know how Slick 50 would test out for watch mainsprings but would be careful about using it before seeing some test results. Watches are much more sensitive to lubricant variations than large clocks. My very limited knowledge about lubricant properties keeps me from deviating from recommended watch lubricants based on hard test results performed by more knowledgeable people in that field. This is the main reason that I use Mobius products as many tests have been made with that product. Doesn’t mean it’s the best but rather than take a chance I go for the stuff with good proven results. You’ll find that different movement manufacturers recommend different types of oils. I usually try to follow their recommendations since oils and greases used can make a huge difference in performance. I’ve experimented with different Mobius oils a
    little and was shocked at the changes in balance amplitude a simple change could make. Sometimes just changing from one Mobius oil to another Mobius with a slightly different viscosity would change the amplitude by a several degrees! Greases are just as important if not more. Soooo, I don’t know how Slick 50 would work for a watch mainspring and would be interested to see some real test results. Until then I’m too chicken to try.
    Here’s a link to a recent thread on the forum covering watch oils that may be helpful. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=282

    As for your question about using denatured alcohol as a rinse, this works well for water based cleaning solutions. If you’re using something else though I personally would stick to the recommended rinse if there is one.