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    Sorry to drag up an old thread up but I have just finished putting this old clock back together and thought you might find the tale interesting. I had to replace the time side mainspring so I did both at the same time as the strike side looked a bit set. The springs that came out were 18x.50×50. I searched around and found the exact size springs, had a job getting them back in the barrels as they were very strong and once I had the clock back together found they were so stiff I could not wind the clock properly. I spoke to a friend of mine and he told me that because new steel is so much better it is worth dropping down spring size when replacing original old springs, he told me to go for 18x.45×45 which I did and now it is perfect, so be warned, if the springs look old and original, new springs the same size could be too strong. I did a couple more bushings and made sure the escape wheel was a good fit with minimal play and now the clock is running beautifuly. Only thing left to sort out now is to find out why it has decided not to strike, looks like something is binding somewhere. Will keep you posted.