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    Hi yall, the murphys oil soap has the oleic acid in it, I think there are other soaps out there too that have the oleic acid. I heard that when your solution gets “old” just recharge with the ammonia, doesnt matter what color it has become it will still work. I first tried this a month ago and it did bring my solution back to life. I mix what Bob cooked up for clocks and use a ultrasonic, using a phosphate free TSP from Menards, oleic acid, as powerful ammonia as I can find….. I recently cut out the acetone thinking that was making it too strong for lacquered plates, (not sure if that really is helping, maybe a little) and of coarse water….I rinse in the hot water, have used either isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol (seems to me the denatured is more “oily” if that would describe it right than the isopropyl) otherwise not sure what would be best and then dry in a dryer box I built….have a great day, William

    Hey Willofiam, that’s a great idea with the ammonia !! I used the household variety as I do not know where in California I can get ammonia hydroxide. Same for the oleic acid which is why the Murphys Oil Soap. The acetone is what eats the lacquer so cutting that out should cause no plate issues. I am wondering now that you mentioned this just what the acetone does for the cleaner. Anybody know? or is this one of those situations where “Well this is how it’s made. It’s always been that way” kind of things…

    I think your right about the denatured alcohol as well. I found 99% isopropal alcohol in little bottles at the grocery store but again, have not tried it as I learned the denatured way….

    I have not tried TSP in the cleaner, but I recently made a batch and added about a tablespoon of Dawn dish washing soap in the hopes if cutting the grease and oil better but I have yet to try it.

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