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    OOPS ! Me bad…. My Waltham size 18 movement arrived. Sort of….
    It was described as a size 18 but measures up as a size 16 !
    Didn’t even notice as I was thrilled to own a Riverside.
    Thanks. The case is A.W. Co. Pat.Apr.17.79 Truely OLD ! 132 years old !
    It was quite tarnished and the crystal fell out while cleaning. An old glue-job.
    I epoxied it back..not the right way to do things but it came out very well
    after trimming excess epoxy under the microscope. Ya can’t tell ! And epoxy is rock-hard.
    Ain’t gonna fall out. Hope the epoxy stays clear as it ages.
    Again, sorry for the mis-info and thanks, master from grasshopper.
    BTW, I bought cerium oxide powder to polish crystals and 1500 grit silicon carbide
    arrived yesterday. Lifetime supply— 1lb each.