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    Thanks Bob and Happy Holidays to you and yours;

    I agree with not liking listening to your own voice. I recall a hundred years ago when I was in 3rd or 4th grade the teacher would record our voices on an old (new at that time) 12″ reel to reel tape recorder. I hated how I sounded and was scarred for life (LOL).

    Sorry about repeating the topic field. I did not know I could use “Post Reply” I thought that was for replying to another’s post.

    I’ve been checking E-Bay and notice a tool they say is for pellet and roller jewel replacement. Very cheap. Does that sound like the tool to use?
    Also they show a gauge. similar to spark plug feeler gauge, fanned open to show all the sizes. Is this what I need to size the half round hole in the roller table?

    Well enough for now. There is no rush in responding. I understand that Santa Clause needs our attention this month.
    Have a Great Holiday Bob and I will talk to you next year.