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    Wingman: Have you cleaned the clock movement? And if so, did you completely dismantle the movement or as some do, just soak it in solvent and lubricate? If the latter, it may well be that all the solvent did was activate the old dry oil and dirt that was in the pivots/bushings, giving very little lubrication, consequently it needs more weight to power through the ‘grinding compound’ that is left behind. If the movement was dis-assembled, cleaned properly, bushings cleaned with pegwood or toothpicks, you may well have bushings that are worn out, or pivots that are damaged/worn. Also, is the mechanism that moves the bird out may be binding, or the strike lift arm/ cam may not be properly adjusted. Without knowing more about the clock, Regula/Herbert Herr/ or??? 1day, or 8 day movement, it is difficult to give a diagnosis.