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Bob Tascione

    Hi Les,
    I think that movement will drop out after you get that bezel off. Those pics help alot. I noticed some scratches along the edge of the bezel where others have tried to remove it in the past. As you probably are aware that’s something you see far too often. You see it alot on screw back watches where people were not aware that it might have been a screw back. For that reason I almost always try unscrewing the back and the bezel just in case…unless there is an obvious lip designed into it for a knife to fit. Most try to pry (snap) the bezel off right around the pendant using the pendant to leverage the knife against as it appears others have tried on your watch in the past. Not really a good idea as damage can be done to the pendant. I always look around the edge with a loupe to find the place for the knife to fit. It’s often that difficult to locate! Inserting the knife edge and pushing inward slightly is usually enought to “snap” it off. One thing that I suggest never doing (because I’ve done it more than once) is hitting the back of the knife with a small hammer. It does a pretty good job of popping off the bezel but the shock can easily break a balance pivot and or balance jewel on a non shock resistant watch…really…in fact it can even happen more than once if you’re a slow learner…again really, live and learn I guess.
    Anyway, might make sure the case screws are in place before popping that bezel off just in case that movt. wants to jump out of there!
    Good Luck Les!