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    Your story is quite motivational thank you for posting it. I too am trying to begin a career in watchmaking. While I am only 17 as of about a week ago I have great ambitions for my future in watchmaking. My genuine fascination with watches drew me in now it is my passion. I have been at it for about four months but after reading outdated books that were hard to find. I stumbled upon Bob’s videos now I have a bit more confidence and a lot more knowledge. I must say you got really lucky finding those watchmakers. I contacted one in my area but he has not emailed me back. I live next to Houston so theyre are watchmakers about in my parts. But they are mostly hardcore business men not wanting to bother with apprenticing a kid. I will continue my search for a master to take me under his wing but for now I will keep on learning on my own.

    Thanks Ric stay well and good luck with everything!