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    Hello Ric, So glad you have found your niche in Watches & Clocks; I too was looking for something to
    Keep the old brain box on the alert, I found Bob Tascione, s courses, I have only been at it for a few months,
    But I wish I had started years ago, it’s a fascinating subject , unfortunately I’m a bit long in the tooth now to
    Start paying out big money for some of the tools, I shall be 81yrs this year, you where very lucky to have picked up the lathes, I don’t think there are any watchmakers left here, over on this side of the pond they want big money for them, old watches not working are going for all sorts of fancy prices, so I have got to be a bit choosey, anyway glad to have made your acquaintance even if it is only by cyberspace, Wish you Well in your new endeavour, All The Best Les