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@Bernie Weishapl wrote:

That is one thing that some of the older generation doesn’t take into account Tom. They just remember back in the day. :mrgreen: I had one old boy bring me a clock for repair. His mother gave them the clock she had bought in 1901 to them in 1954 when he and his wife got married. When I told him what the charge would be ($185) he had a hissy fit. 😆 He said back in 1963 when he had it serviced (he said it had been put away since 1988) it only cost $28 for a complete repair (clean and oil). He wanted it to run for their 60th anniversary. He finally said ok after I explained I was wondering if he could get his caddy fixed for $150 like in the 1960’s. :D


I always think about what I could have said – always after the fact. Great rebuttal.