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bernie weishapl
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Chris I noticed the same thing. When I was watching several auctions when I was looking at get a Taig. It simply amazed me that used lathes were selling for new price and a couple of times more than what a new one sold for. I like to go on there sometimes and will buy clock movements or a old pocket watch to fix up. I bid on a Elgin 18s 17J pocket watch about a month ago or so. Should have sold in it’s condition (broken balance staff, said it wouldn’t wind, missing second and minute hand, etc.) for maybe $40 to $75. My last bid was $115. It finally went for over $200. Maybe I am out of the loop on PW’s but seemed rather high for something that needed that much work. Just amazes me what people do at auctions. Movements for clocks and watches are just going thru the roof. Like Tom that is why I tooled up to start making parts instead of buying old movements for parts. Just crazy. 😆

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