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bernie weishapl
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Jan I had the exact same movement in the shop in January. It also was quite dirty. It also had a barrel missing a couple of teeth and had a crack in the same place at a angle going up from the rivit. I am sure there are other ways to fix those but I just had a new one made. Safest IMHO. I had a friend of mine Mike Loebbaka in New York make me a new barrel. I just sent him my old barrel and he made me a new one. His e-mail is [email protected]. He is reasonable in his prices but not cheap. The lady that owned the clock didn’t care as it was a anniversary gift from her late husband. He has also made me several arbors for me for a winterhalder 9 tube and 6 tube chimes. These had square ends on the arbors which held the gathering pallets with small holes in the ends for wire to hold the pallet on. The arbor broke right where it came thru the plate. He has a ad in the NAWCC mart if you happen to get it.

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