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chris mabbott
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Thanks David… Of course I DIDN’T know that LOL

I’m afraid the manual that came with it is basically for use as paper towel, I mean the little I did know wasn’t in the 12 page safety first, through fifth , but I do know now that I shouldn’t operate it while drunk or stoned! I should unplug it if I’m going to stick my fingers inside, and…. Hmm what else was it… Oh yeah I have to wear something called….. Safety glasses ?? LOL

David I , and possibly others here, need you to start putting video tutorials in the site for us, really, I’m serious :-)

Well, I’ve decided after much Hmm,ing and Ahh, ing that I’m going to do a complete tear down, clean and lube.
I’ve done a superficial degrease, but I have found that there is a good amount, not a lot, but enough, of casting sand or whatever the gritty bits were in my rag, around the leads screws and all over. So I figure that the spindle bearings will not have been greased and are possibly contaminated slightly. Although the guide states that removing the bearings will possibly damage them, if so then ill replace them with a good quality FAG or SKF set.

I have the tear down guide which is pictorial and pretty well detailed.
David I can post a link if you have the time to have a quick look and give your thumb up or down…