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chris mabbott
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Thanks, David, I’ll try to get a side shot of the edge, maybe you can tell, because one minute I think stamped out, the next… mold, then, no, hand cut 😆

OK I’m doing this a bit backasswards but it was late, or early when I made the previous posts, so welcome to my normal state of being 😆

I also made an error earlier, I said that there were two adjusting screws for the balance jewels, in actual fact there are three, the lower jewels have 2 for up & down adjustment, because we always make adjustments on the low side and “never” (almost never) on the cock.
Has anyone noticed that ANYWHERE else, if we were to write cock, people would be offended, but on a watch forum it is as common as AND, OR, IT. We can even say that we spent time polishing, straightening, aligning and even fiddling with the cock and no offense would taken 😆

OOOOk back to reality… The lower balance jewel was also toasted, obviously a rub-in type, which I like to keep original, Paul is going to shudder as I say that I rammed that sucker out of its former comfy home and into the harsh cruel world of broken part.

I won’t go into an essay or preach my technique of why I just push them out instead of gently massaging them free, but I will say that this lip is thin, so rubbing out can actually weaken, break or remove the material. If the jewel is cracked, it’s NFG anyway, diametric size is easy enough to copy, pivot size, we don’t need the old jewel, we have the pivot.

So here is the setting after the jewel has been pushed through ( I say pushed which sounds forceful, but really, it shatters out with zero force)
You can see that the lip is not damaged at all, they usually never are from pushing, but they are from Rubbing OUT. Simply because there is not enough lip for the tool to get under, so what happens? The tool rides on the top of the lip and removes material, by friction, or rubbing.

Here, after the jewel has been removed, we have a nice lip that we can now insert the tip of the tool, expand it slightly and gently give it a turn, this opens the lip rather than folding the stock back.