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Bernie, I think we posted at the same time, sounds like we are doing the same service to these movements, I use the #859 synthetic clock oil.

For taking off the gathering pallet I use paint can openers that I modifies a bit, put a thin piece of material between the plates and the tool to avoid scratching the plate. pry up slowly and evenly and it will pop right off. alot of times this plate hole will need a bushing. This is the last piece I install when rebuilding and setting up the movement (as long as it will go on with nothing else is in the way). As for the lift star cam under the cannon I have used numerous ways of getting it off, it can be a real bugger sometimes. do a search on ebay for a clock cannon pinion puller and look for a blue colored one made from a place in Michigan, I made one similar that I call “the beast” as it was my very first attempt at making a tool. It works well for pulling these things off evenly, If I ever get some time I will be making my own version. When reinstalling this lift cam, test it with the cannon to make sure it is far enough on or your hands will bind (just below the square shoulder), but also be careful not to put it back on too far either and hinder the function of the minute hand arbor.

In attempting anything with clocks of watches always make sure you wont do any damage to whats there or you will have a big headache.

Sounds like your moving right along, give us some pics along the way….It will really help out others too. thank you

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