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david pierce
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    The standards may be very different in your part of the world. Visit some machine shops and talk to the employees in their shops. They will know what is available and standard for your area. I know that some really fine equipment is made in Europe and this stuff shows up in the Youtube videos of the Swiss and German watch factories. Star, Traub, Dixie, Schaublin, Deckel, Hauser, Haas etc. are excellant. I am not sure but I thought KONDIA was made in Spain. Go to the Harbor Freight, Enco, and Grizzly Tools website and check the fesability of having one of these companies ship to Spain. It may not be as expensive as you think. I have many machines that were made in China and non of them were reworked in Germany. They all work fine and it sounds like marketing arrogance to create an impression that if something is done correctly it must come from Germany.