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chris mabbott
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Is Central Machinery a Chinese company David?

On the Quantum website it says that these Optimum products are manufactured in China ( no news there) and then refinished in Germany, sounds somewhat familiar, a catchy German trend, possibly.
Most of the ones on the Tube are equipped with the available CNC package, an extra 600 euro clams, but they seem very solid and you can see them cutting a wide variety of materials, they appear not to complain in regards to handling it.

They also offer a good selection of accessories, which should give me what I need for most small jobs, for a decent price if the place I’m trying to deal with cooperates:-)

The R8 would be nice to get but I haven’t seen many here, although I’m sure I could find one somewhere, but then the damn shipping is a big stop.

A work in progress LOL

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