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What you say David is true in all trades. I learned 40 years ago that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I have two retired clock people hear that help me from time to time. One retired from the Santa Fe railroad as a clock maker. He is very knowledgeable, but is convinced that clock parts have to be hand made rather than buying replacements. The other, understands from a business point of view, if you end up with a well running clock, by using replacement parts in a shorter time, you end up with more profit and a customer that is just as happy. In the restoration business, I have to reproduce a lot of different trims. I can either have a lot of expensive cutters made for my shaper, or make it on the table saw, or use hand scrapers. Most of the time, the piece of molding only a short piece, and I made not need that piece again for quite some time. That’s where this forum comes in handy. We get a lot of differing techniques and pick and choose the best for our own abilities. All you cat people, I don’t actually skin cats :? Mahlon

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