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bernie weishapl
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    David, great thread. I apprenticed under my mentor back starting about 1980 or 1981 for almost 6 yrs. It was funny as I came in to work with him one day and started to sit down beside him. He kind of grunted and said no, no your bench is over there. I knew I had graduated. He was a watchmaker and clock maker till WWII. After he came back he did clocks and watches part time as he built houses full time. Everything he did was the old way. He used hand tools on his lathe to make parts such as bushings, arbors, screws, nuts, etc. So for years I made/make parts using hand gravers, files, etc. I also use compound slide rests if time is of the essence. I do like when time permits doing things the old way and enjoy it very much but do realize that times have changed. Clocks and parts are being made with CNC machines as are watch parts. I much enjoy reading and hearing the thoughts of others. Interesting conversation and yes William this conversation I think has been going on for years and will for years to come.