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Hey Mahlon, thats really good, I need a Bergeon this that and the other thing 😆 ….just kidding, I know what you mean, the heavy work is what got to me along with some physical issues, I kept the wood shop open for business the first year, just in case, until I could make the decision to be full time with clocks and pocket watches. I do have another business which is a part time partnership and can be very profitable and it helps with new tools. I realized I had to make the move for my future, not only that but because I love this work (after 47 years I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up) who would have guessed, a clock guy. When I decided to put everything into it I figured out what the MINIMUM income could be (keeping my head just above the water line) sell a bunch of stuff and reduce debt, this last year produced way above that minimum. My wife says I am easier to get along with 🙄 even with all the sacrifice….. I am much happier as my retirement plan is now up and running :D Thank God! I am very fortunate. William

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