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Just thought I’d post an update on my search for an ultrasonic tank.
I finally decided, after much advice to buy a new 6.5 litre tank from eBay as it seemed a sounder option than buying an electrical appliance second hand.
The company I bought it from import from China but they had a UK warehouse and the tank arrived in two days.
I was very pleased when it arrived, but …..
It didn’t work.
I had to jump through all sorts of hoops including sending the company videos of the fault.
They offered to give me £50 compensation (the tank cost £179). I refused, so, and this is amazing, they offered to get a new printed circuit board shipped from China with full instructions on how to fit and it would only take three weeks for delivery.
I refused again.
Then they stopped responding to my messaging so I contacted eBay.
eBay informed me that they could freeze the funds in the vendors PayPal account and they contacted the vendor.
Success! eBay got my money back as promised in their blurb.
I guess that if there is something to learn here it is that eBay do keep their word if you pay using PayPal which I did.
I’ve still got the tank. They don’t seem to want it back.
The search continues…..

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