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Chris, you are exactly right @Chris Mabbott wrote:

I’m just sitting here in the sun fluffing off (don’t you William 😆 )

I have always imagined you sitting in the warm sun on the deck eating cake :D ….. But you have proved otherwise, nice job ;) , I love this post, it it giving great ideas. @Chris Mabbott wrote:

Here is the condition of the old jewel, the staff chewed it up pretty good, or was it vise versa

I think it would be the jewel eating up the pivot, regardless, it has to be fixed!!!! Do you think diamantine would impregnate the pivot and cause more wear in the future?@Chris Mabbott wrote:

after a final mirror polish with diamantine..

I am not sure, but would a steel burnisher or a ruby burnisher give better results overall for pivots???? cant wait to see more….keep on keepin on and by all means have fun, William

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