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chris mabbott
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    I agree David, I would love to have three actually 😆
    Those mini mills are so bloody expensive in the EU, like everything else, Ive been cruising the bay for a while looking for a decent used one, when I find one …. Doesn’t ship to Spain !!

    I want to use it on metal and wood but right off the bat I’m not sure if I can justify the cost against the amount of proposed use for one of the decent German made machines, or a Sealey.. $$$
    Like you David, I’m not a fan of all in ones, and I was looking at the Chinese mill only as well, I think they’re around 289 euros, without attachments.. And free shipping 😮

    I was surprised by the quality of Chinese material, I was recently on a project in India and their steam turbine was made in china, my initial thoughts were.. Oh boy, but the build quality was outstanding and almost comparable to German models. They just haven’t quite got the outer finish quality down yet as there stuff look like a rough cast pour lol