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Good morn to all, after an entire night out and now my wife giving me the 3rd degree I can’t even get any sleep. I was helping a friend with his newly brought home, but that’s not it. She HATES the only friend that I have. 👿 Her accusations are very demining and down right unpleasant. So I’m in the only place I find sanctuary. :) My man cave with my clocks. :P Mahlon, thanks for the advice and as of yet I haven’t figured it out. But now I have something to go by. When time allows I will change the weight order now that I have a better understanding. Also Chris thanks for the bit of info on acquiring needed tools and equipment.

My friend gave me two more clocks to add to my collection. Nothing fancy and both need work but I’m still growing. Now it’s the barter system. Works for me. I have put my Hermle aside until I get enough courage to tear into it, of course after trying Mahlon’s advice 1st. I’ve decided to tear down my coo koo clock that has been splashed with what seems to be old motor oil, cat hair, smoke and heavy dust everywhere and very thick. I soaked it over night after cleaning it in the ultrasonic yesterday. Out of everything I used the oily film still remains so I added more chemicals to the bath and will see if that helps me out anymore. My two new clocks one is a Regulator and the other is a Dunhaven, Both quartz wall clocks. Very nice cases but quartz movement sucks to me. I have always liked wind-ups. :) I may look into mechanical movements for both instead of going crazy with quartz. I want to put motors in them instead of battery operated plastic devices. ;)

Well my ultra sonic machine has stopped and my significant other has gone out as to make me upset. :D So 1st check on my clock parts and 2nd sleep. I ask her about breakfast and her reply was, (“EAT YOUR CLOCKS. ❗ ❗ ❗ “) It’s cool I cook also. :D Hey Chris, nice looking piece you posted, seems as though we both have so many projects in our vault that we get the chance to pick and choose. ;) Oh and I also brought the posted Seth Thomas travel clock from my friend for a whopping price of only $15.00 :D Well got to go for now, clock parts need attention, food which is so badly needed at this point and a light snore desired. 8-) Oh and play “TAPS” on my harmonica for her since she made such a hasty departure without telling me where she intends on going,
but I already know. Her sisters house. LOL….. :D

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