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chris mabbott
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Hi Ed,

You are absolutely correct, it isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either, the good news LOL

To answer your question, I haven’t seen any previous shots that you have taken so I have no way to measure improvement, but judging by the ones you’ve posted, It seems you have a focus and/or stability issue, your lighting angle looks ok.

I’ll ask you a few questions… What type of camera are you using? Does it have the screen on the back or an eye piece view finder or both?
The worst thing to use is the video screen to take pics, if you have both screen and view finder, switch to the latter.

Did you use any stabilization when you took these pics, did you use two hands or one, were you standing with elbows resting on something?

Did you take these inside? Usually when they are a little grainy, it’s due to poor light. Are you able to go outside and take a few shots, if it’s not -40 where you are LOL

The main thing, don’t get disheartened, a bit of practice only improves. Keep in mind that you are learning to photograph one of the most difficult subjects….. A small, close-up, reflective surface. Macro photography is challenging anyway, but add metallic objects and it changes to hard, but once you get it, it’s more fun. The good news is, the subject is stationary and not moving 😆


Save these shots and we’ll have a guideline to measure your improvement, we’ll have you up and running toute suite :)

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