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I’ve worked on quite a few ladies ( dress/evening ) watches, and a few Disney branded ones as well.

Not knowing your level of expertise, I will offer the following.

This is where patience, a steady hand and good magnification/lighting can’t be replaced.

That being said, I get my chair and bench adjusted to where I’m almost looking at the movement from the side, so that I can watch everything as it moves. Get your light placed for best visibility.
I use a small clear plastic rod to help hold a light bit of tension on the bridge plates as I use a smaller tool to reach in and wiggle the train wheels into place. David’s tool would work for this, as well as a hairspring tool if you have one.
Using the plastic stick allows me to keep just enough tension to facilitate the placement and to keep everything in place as I start the screws, and if it slides on the plate, it won’t mar the finish.

Best of luck…


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