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On to the weights. I had read somewhere that you can get a approximate date on the older Herschede grandfather clocks (not sure about the newer ones) by taking the weight out of the shell and finding the newspapers they used to wrap the weight to help keep it from rattling inside the shell. It was like a time capsule, as we all gathered around in great anticipation, eyes opened wide 😯 inner butterflies churned, the sound of ticking clocks grew louder and louder, carefully, methodically, with excited trembling hands the dis-assembly began, piece by piece, then, sliding the battered shell off its age old resting place, with faces packed in and around the object, breathing stopped……………………WHALLA…..ooooohhhh’s and aaaaaahhhhhhs emitted from wide eyed as the question was asked, “could this be the first time in 98 years eyes have beheld the papers contained inside” 😮 . Who was it who put these in there? what was his or her name? what did the shop look like? were they old or young? was it Mr. Herschede himself who carefully tucked these in? We may never know yet can imagine whatever tickles the fancy. with 8 partial pages now extracted we are debating on either framing these or putting them back in. I think if I put them back in it may ruin them, for now I will store them safely. have fun today, William

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