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Hey Ed, would LOVE to be sitting down next to you enjoying a good cigar, please dont tell me the weather is nice too…. @ewinrow wrote:

Also I see their are some on this site who demand you strive for success and urge you to discard the thought of failure.

I dont know who those guys are but from my experience it all seems to work out in the end if you keep at it, I myself have had many a time when I wanted to give it all away, sorry I didnt Paul. what helps me the most is probably what your doin, take a break and have a cigar every once in awhile. Still, failure is not a option, for the main reason I dont want to go back to doing what I used to…now with that mentality I can easily put alot of stress on myself (I am learning how to do better with that). Now get to work……oh and have some fun while your at it…William

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