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@digitaltripper wrote:

Great thread, I’m with Tom as far as understanding steel composition. I also must state that I am not trying to hijack your thread Tom but two things, one of which I’d like to know, and one of which I just wanted to share…

What would be a good steel to make/turn on my lathe, an arbor from? Could I use a steel nail or do I need a steel that is harder than that?

Number two, is a show that I watched on netflix, called “Secrets of the Viking Sword” where a blacksmith creates the raw materials for the sword etc….Very interesting although I do not understand it all yet…

Thanks for letting me butt in….



I haven’t turned an arbor yet, but Bob and David can certainly answer that one. I take it that the netflix show is available as streamable content, correct? If so, I can get the free one month trial, watch the show, and then cancel my subscription. ;)