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Hey Guys, thank you for the wonderful words and encouragement, I did come up with a workable screw BUT, in reference to David asking to post how I did it, I have to confess[/i], It was “by gosh and by golly”. I had bits and pieces of information, I made 4 or 5 attempts,(possibly more as I most likely tried to forget one or two) The threads are not perfect and the way I cut them on the lathe was likely wrong. I have since read and investigated more about the thread cutting process and will be putting that information to practice. In the end I know it will be a much easier and accurate process. When I learn this way I seem to be able to retain and increase the knowledge needed much faster as it makes more sense to me on how and why, trial and error so to speak. Being careful so as not to damage the machine or myself, I like to, and am not afraid to, experiment
David, I would love to post the process, next time, only because I do not want to lead anyone astray, I know you would provide us with correction where needed keeping us on the right path, I want to go thru the process again with a little more accurate information and hopefully will be able to notch the belt with this.
Tom, yes I do have the craftsman lathe same as the one Tubalcain uses in his videos, I think I would be able to get the info I need from the u tube videos and books which by the way I need to find that machinist handbook. William

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