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Bob Tascione
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Hi Charles,

That Longines will be a nice gift for somebody when you finish.

As an aid in disassembling the calendar mech. you might try gently pressing small pieces of Rodico onto springs and small parts to hold them in place. The parts will then be ‘anchored’ to the Rodico when you go to remove them and won’t fly out into never land.

The rotor turning while turning the stem could just be dirt and grime. The reverser gears must be very clean to function properly. Often times when a movement is in the horizontal position a rotor will turn a little when turning the stem but should not turn at all when in the vertical position. Turning the stem when there is resistance can damage the reverser gears so would suggest servicing the watch first to see if that helps as these gears are not cheap. As you mention in your post a good cleaning may also take care of the calendar problem.

Let us know how it turns out Charles,

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