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    Hey Dan, green means go for it….Jim brings up a good point because if the arbor has splines then you have to pull it straight off but it sounds like you do not have that. use a rag or piece of leather so the pliers jaws dont mar it up too much. twist and pull at the same time. @danacv2 wrote:

    Should that come off relatively easily?

    its never as easy as it should be…..really it should take a bit of strength. after cleaning set the brass collet onto the arbor (remove any marring and polish at this time), if you do not have a staking set for clocks or a bench block it is possible to use a piece of metal. drill a hole just a bit bigger than the pivot, this will be for setting the opposite side pivot thru and the shoulder of the arbor will sit on the metal (hold it in a vise or if it is thick enough set on the table like a bench block), then on the side where you are going to put the collet back on you can use another piece of metal (or if you have any type of hollow metal tube the right size even a hardwood dowel with a drilled out center would work) drilling a hole just bigger than the arbor, this one will punch the collet back on (all this has to be done outside of the clock) do not try to do this with the wheel in the clock plate as you will end up bending the plate, punch on slowly checking often for proper fit. have fun, William