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    Let me try this again with a little better typing…

    1) Checked inside the spindle with dental mirror – no debris. Cleaned with alcohol and lint free rag anyway.

    2) Just about no run out on outside of spindle +- 0.0005”; +-0.001” run out inside spindle

    3) Cleaned and inserted 3/8” end mill holder with 3/8” end mill. +- 0.0005”;run out on face of holder ; +-0.001” run out on mill shank

    3) Cleaned and inserted 1/4” R8 Collet holder with 1/4” drill bit; +- 0.0005” run out on drill bit shank

    4) Cleaned and inserted 0 to 1/4” ball bearing Jacobs chuck with 1/4” drill bit. Run out on drill bit shank +-0.0005”

    5) Cleaned and inserted 1/4 to 1/2” drill chuck that came with the machine. Run out on drill bit shank +-0.002” (This thing has an obvious visual wobble)