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Thank you! Your picture helps.

I really like the clock, but I am definitely out of my element. Given that it is not local, and relatively expensive, I am proceeding cautiously. I’ll post a few more pictures I have. It does appear to be a painted wood (I assume pine) case. The seller says it has inlay at the bottom, but to me it just looks painted, which is ok too, as it is very nicely done and in great shape.

Do you have any idea of the value? I’ve seen clocks like this go for $1k up to well over $5k.

Do you recognize the dial markings, or could you interpret what the abbreviations mean? My French is not good enough.

One last question to everyone–how do I move this clock from southern Oregon to the Bay Area (about 6 hours away)? The safest I suppose would be to rent a large van/truck. Could I just hire a professional? And if so, what instructions should I give him? I assume the pendulum and weights need to be removed. Anything else?

Thanks again!


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