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    Thanks for the specific recommendations. I suspect that the alum that I used might have had other chemicals mixed in with it as Randy suggested. The bottle came from an old barbershop and is probably 75 years old – it’s just what I had on hand.

    On a different point, I could sure use some advise on these plate jewels as I’ve run into this several times and I wind up having to ream out the hole and then try to find a bigger jewel with which to replace it. Then I have end shake issues. I do have a pretty decent staking set with the jeweling attachments, but I still have problems actually understanding what I’m doing with this. So far, these friction fit factory jewels have been the most dificult thing I’ve faced.

    I’ve read that you can (or could at one time) buy jewel sets with sizes indicated in 1/100 mm that match the reamer sizes in the jeweling set, but I don’t know where one can buy these.

    If anything is discouaging me, it’s this issue. Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.