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@Randy wrote:

Here we go,

I’m 58 years old.
My father was a WWII veteran who went through the Bulova school.
He stayed in the profession for only a few years. He never said why he left it, but I think he got bored. A lot of vets are adrenaline junkies and need to have exciting jobs after thier service. So he went into law enforcement, and rose through the ranks.

He passed away over 20 years ago, before I got a chance to learn much from him. My bothers and I would get in trouble when we were younger getting into the movements /tools that he had hidden away.
I’m always restoring something, and about 4 years ago I was trying to think of a retirement job that I could learn, where I didn’t have to spend my life in a garage working on old cars, firearms, etc., as I have in the past.
So I asked my mom if I could have all of his stuff, and she said of course.
So I bought the Chicago school course, Bob’s course, and of course the Bulova materials. Freid, DeCarle, Daniels sit in my bookcase as well.
I’ve been doing a slow, piece by piece business until I retire, learning a lot from some very talented and wonderful folks..many of them on this site.
I love being able to untangle hairsprings ( not all, but getting better every time), restoring / conserving heirlooms for friends / clients. I’m always looking to upgrade tools as my money permits, to enhance the overall experience.
Paul,..the wife and I spend a month just south of Bloxam in the Midlands two years ago, at Heath Farm. We travelled around quite a bit. Had I know that you lived there,..I would have stopped in and bought you and ale and you could have shown me your workshop. Maybe we’ll get there again.
Godspeed to you all in this great craft.



You have a great story. It must be a very sweet thing to have all of your dad’s stuff. Your site is interseting as well – I like all of the pics of your shop and all of the pieces that you’ve worked on.

Thanks for sharing! I sure hope others jump in…


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